Domestic And International Medical Air Services


With over 100 years of collective experience, Medical Air offers reliable, safe and experienced aeromedical services for Australians both abroad and domestically. Our flight coordinators, medically trained crew and pilots believe in making a positive impact on the Australian community by providing compassionate, efficient care that meets the highest of standards.


While we are able to tailor services to fit any medical need, there are three main categories they fall under:

Medical Evacuation and Air Ambulance Services

Specialising in Emergency International and Regional evacuation, our Air Ambulance services cover every detail from the initial pickup to admission at the destination hospital. We coordinate with transportation on the ground and ensure all pre-flight medical checks and international documentation is taken care of.

Unlike many other services, Medical Air owns our fleet of King Air 200 and Learjet 35A Air Ambulances, all fitted with state-of-the-art ICU medical equipment, so there are no delays.

Commercial Medical Air Escort Services

For patients that are well enough to fly on an international or domestic commercial flight but are stretcher-bound or require medical supervision, we can provide a fully qualified and experienced medical escort for the journey.

They will coordinate with the airline and make all of the arrangements necessary, including ticket purchase and arranging ground transportation, and ensure that the patient is traveling in comfort, safety and with the specialised medical care they need.

Aeromedical Patient Transfer Services

In the case of a patient transfer, Medical Air provides full support and care throughout the medical transport. We ensure a consistent team is beside our patient the entire time, from their bedside of origin to the bedside of their destination.

Medical Air is made up of a team of highly qualified and committed flight medics and aeromedical physicians who are completely committed to the wellbeing and comfort of our patients.

Our phones are open 24/7

To arrange a service, or for any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time day or night on 1300 633 247.

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