Our Aircraft

King Air B200

The King Air 200 is the most successful business aircraft in the world. Since its introduction in 1973, the Model 200 has outsold every other single line of business airplane, jet, or turboprop.

The King Air has long been one of the best fits for air ambulance work worldwide. The aircraft offers short field performance, patient comfort, a spacious working environment for medical staff, and a reliable easy to operate platform. Most of all the aircraft holds a remarkable safety record.

With a fully pressurised cabin the King Air can operate at high altitudes taking advantage of smoother flying conditions while achieving more efficient transit times. Our King Air’s are equipped with single and dual Lifeport stretcher systems with full ICU capabilities.

Learjet 35A

The Learjet 35A is known above all for its speed and range. Our Learjet is fitted with long range fuel tanks and can fly over 4500 Kms nonstop. This allows us to fly to many destinations without fuel stops.

The Learjet 35 offers more than just great range: it also has good handling characteristics, a fast cruising speed of 450 kts (830kph), an altitude of up to 41000 ft, and a low fuel burn which makes it one of the most economical aircraft in its field.

Our Learjet is fitted with the larger 36 inch cabin door. This larger entry allows for safer transfers of all patients and equipment into and out of the aircraft. It is configured with the single Lifeport stretcher system with full ICU capabilities, and can carry two medical crew and one to two traveling companions.