Medical Escort via Commercial Airlines

For less urgent cases, our Medical Escort services are a cost-effective solution

When Australian travellers have been advised “not fit to fly” and require medical treatment back home, depending on the seriousness of the condition, medical escort via commercial airlines may be the best option.

Given the litigious nature of the world these days, hospitals are often reluctant to release patients without official medical care.

If the situation is urgent, please
call +61 8 9414 9747 (international) or
1300 633 247 (within Australia).

Our Medical Escort services are a cost-effective alternative to our Emergency Aeromedical transfer for less urgent cases.

Utilising our extensive network of Domestic and International connections, Medical Air is able to quickly organise all elements of the journey – including trained Medical Personnel and necessary arrangements with commercial airlines.

Depending on the needs of the patient, Commercial Escorts can accompany patients seated – or by stretcher.

Commercial Medical Escort

Our most cost-efficient option for less critical cases an experienced Registered Flight Nurse accompanies the patient seated in the allocated passenger seats on a commercial flight. This takes away much of the stress of the journey, knowing an expert is there at all times.

Commercial Stretcher Services

Our Commercial Stretcher Service is available for more critical cases that do not require a dedicated air ambulance. This provides a cost-saving alternative.

Medical Air liaises with the airline to block off 2 rows of seats to allow room for the stretcher and surround the area with a curtain for privacy.

We arrange every detail of the journey, including all necessary medical staff, equipment, and airline logistics such as booking tickets, oxygen approval and medical clearances.

For more information, please call +61 8 9414 9747 (international) or 1300 633 247 (within Australia).

Medical Air – brochure

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