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Fully Accredited

We are also fully accredited with International Assistance Group (IAG) which extends our reach even further.

IAG is a global alliance of over 140 independent assistance companies hand-picked following stringent selection criteria, including an average of 15 years’ experience in their respective markets.

Close collaboration with trusted partners in IAG means a safer, faster passage home from almost anywhere in the world.

Meet the people behind what is quickly becoming Australia’s trusted source of medical air transport:

Shane Gifford

Founder & Managing Director

A licensed aircraft engineer and pilot with more than 25 years’ industry experience, Shane’s passion for aeromedical transport began with his aircraft maintenance company Formula Aviation.

In 2013, after recognising a gap in the aeromedical industry, Medical Air was born… with the goal of creating a company that services, maintains and operates all of its aircraft and employs all medical, aviation, and operations staff in-house.

Medical Air has become a passion and life direction for Shane whose mission is to provide the best, most compassionate and cost-effective bed to bed service possible.

With a dedicated team of experts in both the Medical and Aviation Fields behind him, Shane is proud to provide a quality, cost-effective, compassionate service that strives for the best outcome at all times.

Bruce Wicksteed

Medical Operations Manager / Chief Flight Nurse

Bruce Wicksteed is an experienced aeromedical nurse and paramedic, with more than 20 years of acute clinical experience - including 10 years in Paediatric Intensive Care as a Clinical Nurse, and 6+ years in pre-hospital settings including State Ambulance services and high acuity International Aeromedical retrievals.

Bruce has an impressive list of achievements - including several post-graduate awards in areas such as Paramedicine and Retrieval Medicine and was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2013 to examine varied models of paediatric retrieval services around the world. Bruce has also developed and published several resources for paediatric intensive care and resuscitation including PediWheel Resus and the Paediatric Intensive Care ‘Little Black Book’. Bruce is also an active member of AusMAT with international deployment experience

With his experience in retrieval medicine, critical care, paediatrics and prehospital health care, and his compassion and commitment to his patients, Bruce is an irreplaceable asset to the MedicalAir team.

Dr Robert Liddell

Medical Director

An Aeromedical Physician with more than 30 years’ experience, Robert’s passion and dedication to Aero-medicine is evident through his many achievements and years of service in the industry.

Robert has worked as the Medical Director for organisations such as International SOS based in London UK, AEA International SOS, Dan Air Services London, Aviation Medicine for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia, and Royal Flying Doctor Service WA.

In addition to his many years serving as an Aeromedical specialist, Rob is also a licensed Airline Transport Pilot with more than 7500 flight hours under his belt.

Rodney Smith

Chief Pilot

Rod leads our flight operations team with a wealth of aviation experience as a Captain in commercial, corporate, and aeromedical settings. Rod grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and started his flying career in 1994 after obtaining his South African Commercial Pilots Licence. He flew KingAir B200's, Citation jets and LearJet 24's around Africa for a few years before moving in to the airline industry. Initially flying Boeing 737-200, and later as a Captain on MD80/DC9 in a management pilot position.

Rod immigrated to Australia with his family in 2011 and obtained his Australian Airline Transport Licence. In Australia, Rod was flying a Citation Ultra performing aeromedical transfers, and also a supervisory Captain on the Citation.

Rod lives in Perth with his family and now leads the flight team flying our LearJet 35A's for MedEvac mission all around Australia and South East Asia

Michael O'Grady

Aviation Manager

Michael is an experienced aviation management professional combining broad management skill with specialist aviation operations, contract management and aircraft MRO. Michael brings to the team a wealth of knowledge from his many years of senior management positions within oil and gas sector, aeromedical, government, geoscience, and MRO sectors. Michael has particular interest in aviation compliance, and is an accredited auditor

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