Commercial Medical Escort

Medical Air can provide a medical repatriation service that is an alternative to our private air ambulance service when your loved one becomes ill or injured.


For less serious cases this service can provide a tremendous cost saving over a dedicated air ambulance. Our Medical Escort will accompany the patient in the allocated passenger seats. The assistance and medical care provided will be by one of our experienced Registered Flight Nurses

Our medical escort personnel are aero medically trained and accompany the patient every step of the way. Medical Air’s staff can help relieve the stress associated with repatriations.


Medical Air offers a commercial stretcher service on commercial airlines. In a typical commercial stretcher transfer, Medical Air will block rows of seats on the commercial airliner to allow room for a stretcher, the area is then surrounded with a curtain. All necessary medical staff and equipment for the flight are arranged by Medical Air.

We work closely with major airlines to arrange every aspect of the flight from booking tickets to arranging oxygen approval and all medical clearances.